“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou | I use this approach in my coaching inside of organizations.

Team Building

Systems Relationship Coaching

A company is a system with many moving parts (people, departments, divisions, etc.) that need to work in-sync for the success of the company. I help Smart companies become Healthy by helping reveal the system to itself and then creating a plan for them to get better at communicating and working together.

The focus of my Systems Relationship Coaching engagement is to ignite and enable peak performance of executives, leaders, mid-level managers and their teams at all levels. Through increased self-awareness, uncovered strengths, needs assessment, and the illumination of blind spots and revealing the system to itself, clients are able to fully “show up” in the workplace, lead powerfully, successfully manage others and create better communication throughout the company.

Several features set Barbara J Perino coaching apart:
• Focus is strength-based coaching versus “fixing” people
• Using an interview-based 360 feedback process to create awareness of strengths and reveal blind spots
• The use of Happiness Assessment tool to help create healthy cultures
• Guiding Managers (new and experienced) to be better at communicating what needs to be done and empowering their people
• Breaking down siloes
• Peak Performance of team dynamics
• Facilitating focused and productive staff meetings

Barbara’s coaching programs and tools reflect her over thirty years of personal corporate success and learnings, knowledge of what it takes to succeed in organizations plus coaching best practices from my formal coach training, certification and credentialing process. Clients include companies in banking/finance, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, non-profit, home security and architecture.

During coaching sessions, my clients have said: “You are the breath between thought and action” and “I feel I just left a healthy staff meeting”

Member of:

The Coaches Training Institute
The Royal Treatment - No Stress Workplace
International Coach Federation